09 November 2009

Good King Winceslas Went Out...

A stunning chapel in St. Vitus' Cathedral, just a few doors down from King Winceslas' coffin.
Hey Soo Chang, it's him. JAN HUSS! This picture is Cambridge Church History in a nutshell.
Interior of the very Baroque Church of St. Nicholas.
Prague Castle from the side. The main feature is St. Vitus' Cathedral.

Well, these pictures do not capture the extent of my trip to Prague with my parents. Here is a list of the things not captured
1. The throngs of tourist groups following floating flags and bobbing umbrellas
2. The snow
3. The delicious food
4. The rather erotic modern ballet that we awkwardly endured
5. The overwhelming grandeur of, well, everything.
6. The potato dumplings.... oh my were they good.

We managed to dodge all conflict, injury, sickness, and pickpocketers and enjoy some quality time in a foreign place. It was a treat, to say the least. More to follow.

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  1. Tommy's in Prague! Y'all could have eaten at his restaurant : )