29 November 2009

One way is Rome and the other way is Mecca

This place was huge.
The Acropolis. This view is the best I could do to hide the scaffolding and cranes.
Shannon at the Temple of Zeus Olympion "holding up the pillar." This picture was taken after we saw two giggling middle-aged men attempt this same photo.
Shannon failed.

Thanksgiving dinner was rather untraditional as it involved yogurts, chicken, and Greek potatoes but Shannon and I made the best of it with some flaky baklava and bright blue 60-degree skies. This trip marked Shannon's last travels until she goes home and simultaneously confirmed for me how much life we have lived over the last 3.5 months. Interestingly, Shannon ended this tour of Europe with the "cradle," as it were. It provides a perfect moment to evaluate our society and ask the question: have we really progressed? In view of the intricacy and skill devoted to the various temples and old fora, I wonder what have we lost in the name of this progress.

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