24 November 2009

Encore quelques uns de la famille

Mildred and I in the Jardin de Tuileries
Millie, Ian Berry, and I at the Rodin Museum.
Garrett, the FBIL (future brother-in-law), practically being taken off of the Eiffel Tower by the gusty winds.
One of the many views of Brussels for those who will not get to see it in person (et tant pis!)

Though now nearly a month ago, Millie's and Garrett's trip to visit me rests near to my heart and mind. Of course, we ate great food, laughed, waited while Garrett took a sufficiency of photos, and took in all that Paris and Brussels could offer. Major regards to Ian Berry for a superb breakfast recommendations, to Danny for having a great, rentable apartment, to Rodin for being so skilled, and to the Belgian rail unions for striking on our way back from Paris.

To my contentment, Millie and Garrett were able to meet my two co-workers, Stephan and Giovanni, who invited us to a jazz bar and then to Stephan's for dessert. The night was a smash on all accounts, only nearly jeopardized by a Hitler joke from one Mr. Hicks. Luckily, his American accent and the genera hubbub of the jazz bar, none caught wind of it.

Oh, and Millie and Garrett are now engaged. For more on that story, you can try to pry details out of Ms. Emily Wantland, soon-to-be Hicks.


  1. YESSSS!!!!! O it makes me so happy that you finally documented our fabulous trip. Although, I neglect to remember said HItler joke- Please remind me. Love you and can't wait to see you

  2. Dave, congrats on the new bro-in-law
    i love the pictures, and i am so jealous you got to go to the rodin museum! can't wait to see you soon(VH soon?)!