10 November 2009

Paris et mes amis

Walking by the Hôtel des Invalides (old military hospital and current home to Napoleon's rotted corpse), I spied some brightly colored raincoats. Uncommon for European attire, the raincoats caught my eye.
FRIEND SIGHTING!!! Michael and Jane met me (and others, but essentially...) in Paris for another whirlwind weekend of good food and good friends
Sainte Chappelle, facing the king's entrance. Sainte Chappelle is a vestige of the oldest remaining dwelling of kings in Paris.

Well, pure ruckus was the order of the weekend as Poteatians (our freshman year dorm was Poteat. Hence the titling.) reunited for some seriously good French pastries and, among other highlights, a hilarious dinner in Parc Champs de Mars, just in view of La Tour Eiffel. I never knew a "petit Brie" could be so huge. It seems that we have all learned how to navigate the "string men" and other European challenges like general dehydration and full bladders (string men: people who wait for tourists with little braided strings that are looped at one end. They manage to throw the loop on one of your fingers and then, as you pull away, the string tightens and then they've CAUGHT YOU! It is actually quite harmless, but unnerving all the same). It was a delight to see these marvelous people and rehash summer memories. I look forward to being with them again next semester.

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  1. Why is it, my dear brother, that you have neglected to speak of the amazing travels of yours truly and my affianced? I expect this to be remedied post-haste... love you and hope you are doing well!!