28 October 2009

A scurrious attempt to catch up

Wow, so sorry for the almost month since I last posted. My iPhoto will no longer open so I have postponed adding pictures to my computer until now. So, I will start from a few weeks ago slowly add more.

As you can see, Robin and Diane Wantland, my parents, came to visit! We had a time of sheer delight here in Bruges. We were able to bike to Damme, home of my favorite windmill and a great lunch spot. I loved being able to show them a part of my life here and my mom loved trying to break her hips on the cobblestone. Highlights from the trip include: lunch at Tante Marie's, dinner at the Hobbit, dinner with Uncle Tom and Nathan, Robinsky's attempts at Dutch, the boiled egg incident...we basically ate our way through Bruges. On our way back from Damme, we took a meandering tour of the surrounding countryside that defined pastoral for me. The first picture is of my feeble attempt to capture the view there.

1 comment:

  1. Dave it looks like you guys had a great time. I know that your mom is a sucker for fine food. Did you take her to any local eateries? I hear there is a great little cafe that serves "intoxicating waffles" and a really great sandwich that brings together sun-dried tomtatoes and apples. Isn't that a crazy combo? ...Too soon?

    Side note: I find your choice of wording for the waffles extremely fitting. I have seen many people react the very same way as you when they were intoxicated.

    Okay, that's all I have. The pics are great.