30 August 2009

Vrije Universeteit Brussel or When Dutch Functionalism Goes Awry

This is where I used to go to school. Excessive but visually pleasing.
This is where I go now. Bleek.
This is where I would have lived if I had lived on campus.
Stairs down to the dungeon where I have my international law class.

Melodrama aside, this IS where I take classes. It has pretty extensive green spaces which are a welcome respite to the concrete and spray paint. Actually, Bruxelles has a surprising amount of parks and forests that mostly attract locals and their dogs. And now me. All for now, though.


  1. is VUB not the ugliest campus maybe ever? i think the socialists built it as a prison first perhaps, then moved on? haha, glad you can experience its amazingness : )

  2. I'm so happy about the existence of this blog! It promises to be well-stocked, and well-written too - it occurs to me that I've never read your narrative writing before, and it's very good.

    PS. UTD is, I now see, not the ugliest campus in the world.

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  4. Luke, Dave, I think that it is a matter of perspective. A few industrial fixtures here, a Hermann Miller chair there, and we are looking at the next cover of Dwell magazine. We could be looking at a revival of Socialist minimalism right under Dave's nose. Meanwhile, Luke and I sit in our respective suburbias longing to experience Dave's so-called drab surroundings. Say hello to the old-world for me Dave!

  5. The dorm looks like its part of a prison cell block. Aren't you glad you stayed in poteat?