23 August 2009

Our humble commode

A lovely nighttime view from our front window.
The loft in our bedroom with a double bed. So, fly over here and sleep in our room. Married couples welcome for a fee.
Our beds, pushed together for cuddling. And lack of alternative space.
The kitchen and center of our apartment, physically and otherwise.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment of le ch√Ęteau de David et Carter. I would disclose our address but there is a man who walks around our neighborhood with a chainsaw. I'm not looking to be his friend. (Note of comfort: the chainsaw has always been sheathed and off. I think he may be a lumberjack).


  1. David,
    Your apartment is so cute! What a beautful view, I know you're going to have such a blast over there. Keep us posted. Baby Diaz says Hi!

    Love Ya,

  2. David,
    Enjoy the moment! Baby Diaz says, oh I see Kelly already passed on our childs salutation. She always wins.

    Business socks,


  3. Dave! My travel bug is insanely jealous. Say hello to the great wide world for me.


  4. oh my gosh dave this whole blog makes me want to be there again!!! AH! nice apt, how i wish i could hit up that loft. oh my. how is life starting out? will you send me an email update?! -sarah crane