22 August 2009

Five days in an English prison

So this is slightly out of order, but here is a large group of exercisers dancing in synch in the Parc du Cinquanteraire in Brussels. We took in the moves and American music while we ate dinner.

Carter, Shannon, and I at the Globe where we watched Romeo and Juliet as groundlings (stood during the whole thing. very worth it).
Minstrels and dancers before Romeo and Juliet began.
Yes, yes, all too typical. Big Ben
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Sadly, neither Carter nor I took a picture of the Clink Hostel, a converted prison that, in my opinion, never shook its heritage, but that IS where we lived for our 5 days in London. Millie and Katie, think of the windowed room at the Istanbul hostel but in the bunk next to us. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, though. Apart from the jailer living, we had a great time. Thank yous to Shannon for making us take the touristy photos in London so that I now have something to show. And yes, all parents and concerned relatives, I am alive.


  1. Dave: his blog is a delight to my soul this Sunday sitting in my apartment at Furman! How I miss Brussels! I cannot wait to read more about your adventures there....I'll try not to comment on every posting, I just am so excited about reading all of them in one sitting (Becky just sent me the address)! Have a wonderful trip, the kind you'll remember forever. Give Brussels my love!

    Sarah Crane

    PS: last year, some of us may have joined in the group exercise class....don't judge. only know it may have been one of those times i laughed harder than rarely ever before. it is an experience to say the least!

  2. Big Ben! You saw! Mrrrgggghhh pickles