08 September 2009

Why I never should have gone to Lake Como

The view from a tiny chapel in Breglia (San Domenico) above Lake Como.
Oh, don't mind us. We're just the Alps, sliding straight into the crystal clear Como waters.

Needless to say, Italy surpassed my expectations. After taking every mode of transportation possible to get to Lake Como ( bus, ferry, metro, plane, taxi, train, tram ) and more running through airports and train stations than anyone present, especially the other travellers, probably preferred, Shannon, Whitney, Randi, and I learned the definition of sublime as we took in the visual, physical, and edible textures that the Lombardy region offered us. (Concerning the edibles, I took in my fair share of gelato). For my high school friends who partook of the laxative cookies, firstly, sorry. Secondly, you would have felt right at home in Nabu (a second round of apologies for those not privy to the insider's scoop and a second round of gelato for me). Oh, and George Clooney sends his regards to all.


  1. Clooney! Tell him I still owe him for that time with the guy in the place. I had never been to Belize. Give him the money I owe, would ya? I will pay you back when you get state-side.

    Dave, Lake Como looks scrumptulescent! Looks like I may be headed out to the bay area soon to see my buddy Max. Your travels have awakened my sense of adventure. No longer will I live vicariously through your blog my friend! To the west!

    Class? Studying? No?

  2. oh...my....gosh. that first picture took my breath away. how i wish i could go there...but then i miight never ever leave.

    hope all is well friend!

  3. italia! isn't it grand?
    keep living the dream.